Software Freedom Law Centre India

We're looking for sponsors

If you know someone who had be interested to be part of the camp and want to sponsor it, please do let us know and we will reach out to them. We are looking for sponsorships from following sections of society.

  • Any educational institute, government department, public sector undertaking who want to support the concept of free software free society.
  • Any organization, company, individual supporting/advocating the use/propogation of free software and its ideology.
  • Any IT company (free or proprietary) as long as the product/service they are advertising with us is free software and does not violate the privacy of the service subscribers. Further, they may promote internships, job opportunities for the participating students.
  • Sponsors of services like media (radio, television, newspapers-magazines, internet), water, food, venue, accomodation.
  • Any well-wisher can contribute in terms of cash or kind.

Following is the sponsorship policy that we follow:

  • Promotion should be related to FOSS technologies.
  • Sponsor representatives are expected to present/demonstrate/operate using free* technologies.
  • Proprietary products/tools cannot be promoted/demonstrated.
  • We expect an open discussion on the FOSS-centric business models adopted;it successes and challenges.
  • Private data of participants can be provided only with explicit consent of the participant.
  • Distribution of forms to collect information will be allowed after discussing the privacy policy of the sponsor.

You can get complete information about the sponsorship packages from the sponsorship deck here.