FSMK Camps is focussed on introducing students to various Free Software technologies and give them enough insight to get started with the tools they are interested in. Following the success of the multi-track concept from last year's Camp, we decided to continue with this and allow the student to give more thought on what they are interested in and choose one amongst the multiple tracks. We assure all tracks will be equally good and will be delivered by best of the speakers. Apart from the main tracks, we will have one hour talks on various technologies and ideas related to Free Software, Free Hardware, Free Spectrum and Free Society. Please note that impromptu sessions if requested by students during the camp will be arranged on technologies which we are not covering in the main agenda based on the availability of the speakers. The tracks offered are:

Web Technologies

The swelling wave of e-commerce dominance fueling the need for organizations to establish their online presence has led to the emergence of web design and development. Today, the world is dominated by web. Every business is now conducted globally using the web. Being fully aware of the situation and help interested students bridge the gap between the concepts and technologies, we at FSMK present to you the web track for the Camp'16

The track is divided into sub tracks:

  • Front-end (client side)
  • Back-end (server side)

Following is the gist of the topics we have planned to cover under this track.

  1. Front-end track :
    • HTML 5
    • CSS 3
    • JavaScript
    • Jquery
    • An introduction to React JS
  2. Back-end track :
    • Python framework, "Flask " as a back end framework
    • MongoDB as the database application

Registration fee : ₹4500/-

Design & Animation

Art is not what you see but what you make others see is a famous line by Edgar Degas.

The rapid advancement of technology has made computer animation available to the masses and the animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The demand for animated entertainment has expanded with the increase in broadcasting hours by cable and satellite TV along with the growing popularity of the Internet. In the past, animation series were aimed at children aged nine and below. In recent years however, TV stations have been producing animation series for teenagers, adults and the whole family.

Because of the great focus on computers, many people believe that they only need to understand computer technology to be a successful animator, but that it not the case. The highest quality of computer animation involves an artist's eye and hand, and it requires skills that can only be gained by the study of art. According to the best animation studios, there is no substitute for an artist's hand, even in the age of technology.

In these 7 days of camp we will not only teach you to work with the tools but also the beauty of what you can make by learning this. We have Blender and Inkscape as a part of our syllabus. From creating still images to Gifs to animated videos you will be taught everything.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Blender
  2. Inkscape
  3. GIMP

Registration fee : ₹4500/-

Freedom Hardware

India might have been late by about half a century to lay telephone lines across the nation or two decades late to have adopted computers, but as a rapidly developing nation, India is now in par with all the technologies being used/developed across the globe. Internet Of Things, wireless mesh networks, artificial neural networks are a few to mention, well there are way more! Freedom hardware plays a crucial role in all of these as it makes them not only "Free"(As in Freedom) but also cost effective. "Do it yourself" hardware projects can easily be accessed over the Internet, thanks to Freedom Hardware. We are very excited with the possibilities of what this track offers the students, for them to learn from and create communities around it. We plan to cover exciting and hands-on "Do it yourself" projects, which will be a stepping stone for the students to discover the wonders of Freedom Hardware.

Following is the syllabus that we plan to cover in this track this year:

  • Introduction to open hardware and the concept of Freedom Hardware
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Embedded C coding and introduction to sensors
  • Designing an Embedded Development Board
  • An introduction to KiCad Eeschema (Schematics)
  • IOT using ESP8266
  • Coding in Python
  • Web controlled wireless robotic Vehicle

Registration fee : ₹6500/- ( Added with hardware components fee )

Please note that there might be minor changes in the syllabus owing to time constraints and/or resources.

Note: Good news for SIT students. The students of our host college are entitled to get fee concessions.